It seemed too daunting to walk through thick forest

Guided only by dim moonlight without stars scattered in the sky

With every crackling branch and rustling leave,

The night air got heavier and so were your legs

You stopped for a minute or two,

To understand where you were in the deep forest

Right at that point you could feel your companion was standing next to you,

when an owl howled unexpectedly and the eerie silence was broken

Both of you were too shocked

That the togetherness between you and her was also broken

You stepped away, she stepped away,

Yet you were the only one who tripped and hit the ground

It was a minor fall, but somehow the compass managed to slip out of your hands

How fast and how far did the compass run?

Just in a split second you were unable to catch a sight of its existence

And where did she go, your companion who were beside you all along?

Did she run for the compass? Probably

You were trying to get back on your feet,

When another howl rolled into the silence

You fell once again, now a little dizzy, you stayed there and rested

Eyes closed

A minute passed, you opened your eyes and got back on your feet,

Ready to run to your compass and your companion

Yet nothing is to be seen

Not even trees, leaves and branches

Not even stars. Not even moonlight

Not even your compass. Not even your companion

Pitch black

It is uneasy to move around in darkness,

To look for your compass and your companion,

Because you have no understanding of where you are going

But you persist in moving and notice that,

When your compass is not there,

When your companion is not there,

To help you navigate through the darkness,

Maybe it’s time when moral compass comes in handy




Everyone hides their blue

Blue is hidden until no one notices

The little footprints it left behind

When you pay enough attention

Maybe you could track it though

But when someone does notice

Blue is the main attraction

For only a minute or two

Since they see blue

As a mere object

Only to look at

Only to talk about

For a minute or two

Not to be understood


Little Boy

There is this one little boy

Sitting in a carriage with his eyes popping

Left and right he sees

Looking at everything which catches

His attention, his big eyes

His mind never stops wondering

Imagination is his strength

This quite ride, this long ride is the perfect time

For him to create a narrative about the world he sees

So tell me little boy

How do you narrate this reality we live in

Would you describe it as a beautiful and bright world

As bright as your popping brown eyes

Or would you rather describe it as a tainted world?


Stand Still

No matter how the weather has been inside of you lately





I will always be there

Just like every tree

You pass every day

While you are walking out from your house

Which has conquered all the four seasons

Which stands still through the four seasons

I will stand still

And be your ally

I will stand still

And stand by your side