Why does she have the tendency

To let her heart linger on him

As if he were the sun

Which is orbited by planets

When he is obviously not, yet somehow

His charm is as great as the sun’s gravity

An equation, which is arguable

But might be undeniably valid, because

As sun’s gravity keeps everything in place

His charm is the only force in the universe

Which can hold such great energy inside her heart

His charm is the only force in the universe

Which can keep her heart gravitating to him



We meet too many people

And fortune doesn’t seem to be on our side

We are left alone with The Beatles

While thinking of this idea which we might abide

‘You, yourself is enough’

Yet frail hearts don’t want to obey

It remains still in the crowd

Radiates every passer-by with golden light

Beams every alley with kindness


Stand Still

No matter how the weather has been inside of you lately





I will always be there

Just like every tree

You pass every day

While you are walking out from your house

Which has conquered all the four seasons

Which stands still through the four seasons

I will stand still

And be your ally

I will stand still

And stand by your side