Blue sky, it’s time to fly

Prepare yourself for the long journey

Up up high you fly

Dancing in the clouds

Then buried beneath the clouds

Only to fly even higher

Blue sky is within an inch of you

You are closer now than you had ever thought

Thus the closer you are to reach the sky

The more important it is

To come back down

— To the ground



It’s true that I’ve been walking beneath the dark cloud

It was an inch above my head, but since that afternoon

A new sensation has strucked my mind and my soul

Still, I can feel the cloud’s presence above me,

But it is just different

It isn’t as heavy as usual and it isn’t as dark as usual

Tonight I’m here to recall what happened

Without hesitation I let these two words slip

From between my lips

‘Thank you’

Thank you, Stranger

For smiling so genuinely that this cloud shifted farther



‘Why did I do this?’ said she

‘Why didn’t I do that?’ said he

Regrets wrap us close in their arms

Dissatisfactions blind us with flashy images

We’ve been trying to take a single step

To get rid of their arms

We’ve been trying to clear our sight

To get a better overview

Guess small efforts worth the time and energy

Because indeed, the fog eventually clear up

And we finally come to a realization that

We’ve always been blessed