At this moment you can’t set your priorities right,

Because you are in the middle of wanting to

Love what you do and doing what you love

Hence, you try to find the perfect balance

Yet you don’t know how long will you stay in this phase of not knowing

And so you let this moment continue to gnaw at your soul

When deep down you hope this puzzle can be solved soon




Be it once or twice,

But people lies

The reason for it, keep it

The truth behind it, keep it

You can say whatever you want to tell me

You can hide anything you want from me

But if you let me give a piece of advice,

Then I want you to always remember

In this world where you don’t belong to

Please, don’t you ever lie to yourself



I’ve been living in this city where everything is

Navy, white, black, brown and grey

Sometimes I want to splash yellow onto this dull canvas

Maybe even add pink and orange in the middle

Then red at the corner with a hint of bright blue

Hyped, I’m always hyped whenever I imagine this city in vibrant colours

Ah, I just want to have some fun


Happy Songs

You love sad songs

For every word explains the unexpressed feelings of yours

For every pitch paints the unexpressed emotions of yours

You love sad songs

Listen to them and you have an excuse to cry

Cry your heart out in the middle of a night,

Dragging your feet to leave your hideout in the next morning

Now that you are stronger

You don’t need any excuses to cry

Cry when you need to, be it day or night

Now that you are stronger

You don’t need to hide whenever you cry

Cry when you need to, seen or alone

Now that you are stronger

When you don’t need to cry

Dance your heart out

And choose happy songs instead



I listen to everyone, anywhere and anytime

That no one remembers how I talk anymore

So they ask me questions just to hear my voice

But, what they don’t understand is that

I don’t let myself speak

For every words I say may hurt them

Even those who are close to me

Can’t handle whenever I say what’s in my mind

Therefore, I live by the saying

Speak good or remain silent

This keeps me quiet, yet there are times

When speaking up is the only option left

And when the time comes

I’m sorry, but I don’t care

If my words are as sharp as a knife

That cuts deeply into your heart



It’s true that I’ve been walking beneath the dark cloud

It was an inch above my head, but since that afternoon

A new sensation has strucked my mind and my soul

Still, I can feel the cloud’s presence above me,

But it is just different

It isn’t as heavy as usual and it isn’t as dark as usual

Tonight I’m here to recall what happened

Without hesitation I let these two words slip

From between my lips

‘Thank you’

Thank you, Stranger

For smiling so genuinely that this cloud shifted farther