Why does she have the tendency

To let her heart linger on him

As if he were the sun

Which is orbited by planets

When he is obviously not, yet somehow

His charm is as great as the sun’s gravity

An equation, which is arguable

But might be undeniably valid, because

As sun’s gravity keeps everything in place

His charm is the only force in the universe

Which can hold such great energy inside her heart

His charm is the only force in the universe

Which can keep her heart gravitating to him




A man was sitting in a room

With papers scattered on the floor

Hours passed by, yet the papers remained untouched

The clock ticked louder and he was suffocating

Walls were ready to fall right on his head

‘Time out!’ he yelled

It’s time for him to unwind

He decided to go for a walk

This walk was intended to be a short one

Yet he made a detour in every intersection

Not satisfied with every corner of the city

He hailed a cab, went to the suburb

Hitch-hiked up to the nearest city

Another suburb, another city, another suburb, another city

The walk was supposed to be a short one

Yet it goes for days, weeks, months and years

Scattered papers are forgotten

So is his room, his apartment—together with

His woman and his little child

They are forgotten



At this moment you can’t set your priorities right,

Because you are in the middle of wanting to

Love what you do and doing what you love

Hence, you try to find the perfect balance

Yet you don’t know how long will you stay in this phase of not knowing

And so you let this moment continue to gnaw at your soul

When deep down you hope this puzzle can be solved soon



I listen to everyone, anywhere and anytime

That no one remembers how I talk anymore

So they ask me questions just to hear my voice

But, what they don’t understand is that

I don’t let myself speak

For every words I say may hurt them

Even those who are close to me

Can’t handle whenever I say what’s in my mind

Therefore, I live by the saying

Speak good or remain silent

This keeps me quiet, yet there are times

When speaking up is the only option left

And when the time comes

I’m sorry, but I don’t care

If my words are as sharp as a knife

That cuts deeply into your heart



It’s true that I’ve been walking beneath the dark cloud

It was an inch above my head, but since that afternoon

A new sensation has strucked my mind and my soul

Still, I can feel the cloud’s presence above me,

But it is just different

It isn’t as heavy as usual and it isn’t as dark as usual

Tonight I’m here to recall what happened

Without hesitation I let these two words slip

From between my lips

‘Thank you’

Thank you, Stranger

For smiling so genuinely that this cloud shifted farther



You are the person who always stands in the middle,

Listening to both sides with intention of

Bridging the gap between two souls

You are the person who brings people together

And the person who wonders if

Your heart will ever aches for someone,

Your soul will ever reach out to someone

And if someone will ever reach his soul out to you