The sun peeks out from your window room

Waking you up from your nightmare

You put your coat on, while imagining

The taste of your favourite black coffee

Outside the wind blows pretty hard

But  you put a smile on your face

Cause the sun is there, with you, with us

Giving you warmth on a windy day

Making you smile on a windy day

And I’m standing here, alone

Watching you smile, watching you go, wondering

If I could ever be your sun — again



Once I dreamt about being chased,

Being chased by a stranger

Inside of the dream I tried to run away,

Run away from him, from that stranger

And one day, a stranger told me that I —

In reality try to run away from that,

Try to avoid that, have a fear of that,

Which I once received from him,

Whom I once loved,

But is a stanger to me nowadays

He, who completely succeeded

To make me think that

Love is scary