Sometimes I write things down to let my feelings out

With a hope or two that it won’t haunt me

But it’s been crawling in me all over again

The nauseous sensation, which I once thought is gone,

Keeps finding its way back to me




Calm Down

Loud music, people talking,

Phone ringing, glass clinking,

Crowded room and lively night

What do you call it? Fine night, you say?

Not when you hear yourself screaming inside

Thought that, in situation like this your mind won’t wander

Thinking about past and future, here and there, how and why

Tonight could be a fine one, if only you knew

A way to stop messing around with yourself

The voices you hear inside your head,

The thoughts you have at midnight,

The emotions you feel,

I know, it’s overwhelming

But, hey! Calm down!



Maybe it’s not because I can’t,

Maybe it’s because I don’t

Don’t want to close my eyes,

Don’t want to rest my body,

Don’t want to fall asleep

Maybe it’s because I am afraid of the reality

That this silent night might disappear

In just a blink of an eye,

And the reality that I can’t hide in the dark any longer



From up here you finally realize

How beautiful the life has been

With a touch of green and brown

From the place where you stand,

The blue sea and sky,

The white clouds,

The horizon,

All of them seem to be in the right place

And now you can’t resist it any longer, the urge

To be one with the beautiful life underneath

While to jump off this cliff

Is for some rather terrifying,

You find it blissful